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I write quickly and concisely with attention to detail and strong researching skills. I specialise in blog posts (with SEO optimisation if required), reviews and longer articles.

My interests are in food, music, spirituality and travel.

I naturally have an engaging yet easy to read “voice” but can tailor my writing to suit your house style.

I have written for Le Cool London, Weekend Notes ‘Sup Mag, CMU Daily, South East Asia Backpacker, Recipe Yum, Certforums, IT Job Board blog, Prince Philip Ebook, Duang cookbook, tiki Chris, 5 things to do today, DJ Hype – Raw, Qype

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  1. Hi I’m looking to do a Yoga teacher training and I noticed that you mentioned that Sean had done one. I assume Sean is your friend, just wondered if I could have his contact. I’m really interested in doing one with Surinder Singh and basically, it’s between his course and Sivinanda. So maybe Sean could help me decide.

    Hope you can help! Many thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Lydia,

      Firstly, I had a look at your blog and it is really interesting – particularly liked the “creating a boho living space” article. I’m about to head off on some more travels and am always interested to see how people maintain these kind of lifestyles.

      Regarding the yoga teacher training, I did mine in Mexico with Hridaya yoga and that was amazing. You can read a bit about the run up to that here –
      As far as courses in India go I think doing it with Surinder would be amazing (and I’m considering it myself, although trying to get information about dates isn’t so easy) I think the main difference will be that Sivananda is very organised and honestly a bit like a production line. They have amazing teachings and I do love the style of yoga but they churn out a LOT of teachers. Surinder would be very personal and probably a bit less structured but that’s what I’d go for personally…

      Happy to have a chat about this sometime

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