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Qype: frae in London

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Frozen Yoghurt usually makes me think not so kind thoughts as a poor replacement for Ice Cream. Yeah, it’s healthier, I reason but surely desserts have to be unhealthy in order to taste good? Low-fat chocolate? might as well not bother.
The old pleasure/pain principle at work.

But Frae has somewhat changed my mind as I went along for an evening of experimentation with a group of Qypers. Having said that my favourite combinations were those topped with Chocolate Brownie pieces so I’m not sure I’m getting the full health benefits.

The yoghurt itself is nice, although I found the differences between the Green Tea and natural flavours to be very subtle. I could eat a fair amount before getting bored I should wager.

I tried some of the weird and wonderful toppings provided (not on the Frae menu as the photo nazis appear to have confirmed) and found personally that Baked Beans definitely did NOT work, although sweet corn and Cherry Tomatoes were surprisingly palatable. Opinion on this was mixed although I think most confirmed that the items that you can get on the menu were far more sensible.

Check out my review of frae – I am Marshy1903 – on Qype

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