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One for Ten in Le Cool London

Death row in America, not a nice place to be, particularly if you haven’t actually committed the crime you are incarcerated for. As the title of these films suggests the current figures are one innocent for every ten guilty prisoners.



This documentary series, which I wholeheartedly recommend you have a watch of on their website, is the result of the filmmakers’ journey across the US visiting former inmates who have been proven innocent following a lengthy appeal process. Often in jail for decades these prisoners have found a legal system which has not served them and corruption that has meant they have been left, sometimes in horrific conditions, and always with the threat of their life being taken away.



I wrote about an event on the 14/1/2014 where the team will be giving a talk about the films and the process they took in making them and it went out in Le Cool London last week:




Check it out, or at the very least go and have a watch of the films and despair about the legal system.


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Writing Goals: 5 for Winter

Here I will set my writing goals for the next few months as a way of creating an intention, only in this way will I follow through and prevent my inherent laziness!  As we approach winter and all that entails it seems to me a good time to write, to express fully what is burning inside and to make plans for the future while remaining firmly in the present. Setting these writing goals will help me to tap into that creativity.

Writing Goals -  bring back this creativity

Writing Goals – bring back this creativity

I’ve been a lax blogger in the last few months and while I can blame work and domestic issues the fact is I haven’t prioritised writing in any meaningful way, I haven’t taken the hints to write every day, to make time and focus, turn off the internet and lose myself in the written word for a while.

This is going to change. I feel it has to for my general sanity, so here I set my writing goals:


First of all I am going to take part in NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month – otherwise known as November.

The challenge here is to write a novel, from scratch, in the 30 days of the month. The target is 50,000 words, which is a lot considering the pace of London life and the social opportunities that always crop up.

I don’t even have an idea for a plot yet, although I’m thinking it might involve India.

So the first writing goal is to plan for, and then write a novel. Easy.


Number two on the list is to blog more regularly. Writing a journal is a good start but putting stuff out there makes me much less likely to become self-indulgent or lazy.

I’ve got several posts I could catch up on, although a lot of them are rather out of date now so it becomes a bit less easy to remember details. Still, I will set the writing goal of 1 blog post a week – minimum.


The third writing goal is to use my time more effectively. Get up earlier, stop wasting time on trivialities and spend it on writing, planning and doing practice that energises me.

My daily yoga practice for example has become something of myth and legend. I did practice this morning, and it was great, but I want to do that every morning and face the day rejuvenated.

So the goal is to rise at least an hour earlier than I need to for work. Practice and write before leaving the house. This in itself is what will give me the opportunity to reach the other writing goals in this list since carving out the time to write is the thing that I find hardest.


Four is to grasp new opportunities, and follow them through.

It seems simple but I don’t do it often enough. I have a nature that is calm, relaxed and perhaps to the outside seems unflappable but equally unlikely to get over-enthusiastic about things. Positivity is the key and pushing forward with projects that are important to me while only giving the time I absolutely need to for those that aren’t is crucial.

So being open to new things and experiencing whatever comes my way but also to set the time aside to NOT be distracted by messages, tweets and phone calls to actually do what I need to in the first place.


Finally, I want to make sure that the things I have going on already come to some fruition.

So, I will write more for the wonderful bods at Le Cool London, I will try to chase the Thai Cookbook that I spent quite a lot of time on last year, and I will continue to write for Weekend Notes, Recipe Yum and the like.

Stir Fried Fresh Beans and Red Curry Paste... Writing goals - publish the cookbook

Writing goals – publish the cookbook

I might never have mentioned I wrote a random e-book about Prince Philip last year and have a couple of others that I started work on, so they need to come to completion.

These are primarily my writing goals for the next few months. Write a novel. Do a minimum of one blog post a week. Keep writing on my existing platforms. Find new platforms. Write some ebooks.

I have other goals too. Learn to drive, speak Spanish, speak more confidently in public and create a lifestyle that allows me to do the things I love more regularly.


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Hunters and Gatherers at the Rooftop Cafe in Le Cool

This Hunters and Gatherers event is being held at the Rooftop Cafe at the Exchange building, just in the shadow of the Shard. It’s a new place, only opened in January and there is still a bit of work to be done but it offers some good lunch options for those around London Bridge and a cool little space to get away from the hustle as well.

Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers event in Le Cool

This event focuses on local produce. They are offering ales brewed with hops from the East End and an English sparkling rose. Hunters and gatherers is the theme and this is represented by the foraged wild Kentish mushrooms and presumably locally tracked meat.

They are planning on opening a roof terrace with a cover which will be great once the weather starts to improve a bit. You will be able to sit with the Shard looming in front of you and with views over the other rooftops around the area.

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Le Cool: Fat Cheeks Valentines Supper Club Preview

I’m enjoying getting back into the London scene, discovering all the exciting new developments and seeing how a new wave of events are building on ideas that started a few years ago.  I’ve written about supper clubs a lot of late and here’s my preview of the Fat Cheeks Supperclub – Valentines Special, in Le Cool London this week.

I’m not averse to a bit of Valentines Schmaltz if I’m honest but it’s always nice to have a bit of fun and originality thrown in as well.

This event is happening tomorrow so it’s not too late to get tickets and Friday is surely a better night anyway!

Fat Cheeks, Le Cool

Fat Cheeks Supperclub preview in Le Cool

Unfortunately it’s a bit too decadent for us right now due to various tropical illness scenarios but it does look like a fun night and yet again another supper club on the London scene!

Going by the name “Love Bites” and with the tag line “Nobody leaves Fat Cheeks without Fat Cheeks” this will surely be a monumental feast. I guess the only concern is if the diners can restrain themselves enough and still have energy to enjoy the hip hop, funk and rare groove sounds playing until 2AM. The menu has food coma written all over it! (In a good way of course…)

So, if you feel your Valentines is missing a bit of fun, frolics and festivity you could do far worse than signing up to Fat Cheeks and having a fabulous feast with them this Friday!

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Melba Supperclub event in Le Cool

Another Le cool piece. This time about the fantastic sounding Melba supper club organising system. The idea is that you can post an event on their site and other users can search to find things that sound to their liking. It’s like a social network for supper clubs allowing hosts to take bookings using Paypal. It seems like a great idea to me, fixing up potential hosts with guests. Maybe it takes something away from the underground “in the know” vibe but if it spurns a host of new people hosting wonderful parties then it can only be a good thing!

Melba piece in Le Cool

Melba piece in Le Cool

I’ve been to a few supper clubs in the past and of course it depends on the host and the people who you happen to share the experience with but they certainly have the potential for a brilliant night. You can meet all sorts, eat great food, see inside someone’s house and do something a bit different all in one night.

This promotional event is to showcase some of the hosts that they have been working with and to party afterwards with some DJs. They have four up and coming young chefs and two DJs to entertain in a funky venue near Old Street. Sounds like fun to me so I’ll be heading down there to check it out and you should as well!

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Le Cool this week: The British Wildlife Photography Awards

Le Cool this week: The British Wildlife Photography Awards


Wildlife Photography

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New Le Cool Preview – Tantra

After a long hiatus I returned to the Le Cool fold with an article about tantric sex, as you do.

Le Cool Tantra spot

Le Cool Tantra spot

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Le Cool – Let’s Yoga!

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Meditation dans le Park

Click Here! “>

Meditation course here.

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Le Cool… 19 Princelet St

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